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There Is a Dark and Gloomy Place

There is a dark and gloomy place where choices
Have their homes and wait upon your touch.
After long and futile waits for voices,
You must, alas!, sign on to such-and-such.
A family in a circle warm and loving:
Less sweet? or more? than living lone and free?
A choice in darkness, both sides fiercely shoving:
My heart is yours, whichever it might be!
Nicholas Gordon
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Reader Comments
Name: megan2005-11-29
i really like ur poems cause it may help someone one day in there own love if they read it
Name: ash2006-05-19
This is an mazing poem and i think you could even have a future as as poet. Think about it. This is beautiful.
Name: angela2006-08-09
it might be good or beaitiful but i didn't like it becuz i didn't underatand it
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