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The Time for Love Is Now Fast Disappearing

The time for love is now fast disappearing
As years tick on and flesh descends towards dust.
Death, so long a question, now is nearing,
And one makes peace with pain because one must.
Yet love still grips the heart with unspent yearning,
A hunger unappeased from birth to death,
A need for need, an unrequited burning
That casts its doomed delight past all regret.
O star that lights the else unlit creation,
Desiring ever what can never be,
Longing for some sense beyond sensation,
Candle to a light we cannot see:
Be for us now in these last years of life
The beacon that guides home a man and wife.
Nicholas Gordon
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Reader Comments
Name: xXx tasha xXx2005-10-06
u poems have enspired me like a flower blooming in the hot sun in a blistering summers day
it was great
Name: leanne2005-11-02
i really enjoyed it it was sweet! keep the ppoems up! XX
Name: ash2006-05-19
This is something I can really relate to and you area very inspiring writer. I have now took writing as a whole different world.
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