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Take It as a Given that I Love You

Take it as a given that I love you,
And let the conversation go from there.
There isn't much I wouldn't do to please you,
So tell me what to do to make you care.
Tell me what it is that turns you from me,
And why you cannot cherish who I am,
And why you must insist that you still love me
When so much that I do you cannot stand.
The truth is not at all what we imagine,
Reaching regions deeper than our thoughts.
Needs are rarely troubled by opinions,
And love gives no advice unless it's sought.
So plunge into yourself as in a sea,
Then tell me truly what you want of me.
Nicholas Gordon
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Reader Comments
Name: Lesile2005-05-20
That is also a great poem well It relates to me in some kind of way but my bf isnt with me anymore because he did me wrong....
Love it
Name: Ebony2007-10-01
Love this song, i know what the writer is talking about, i am going through something just like this
Name: Jacalyn2012-12-08
That's really swrhed! Good to see the logic set out so well.
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