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Please Don't Mind if I Make Love to You

Please don't mind if I make love to you
Imagining another in my arms.
No one special - anyone will do
Whose claims have not yet sanitized her charms.
Lust loves not love, but finds its joy in power:
To stir someone to sunlit ecstasy;
To purchase someone's person by the hour;
To force the flesh to yield the fantasy.
Love loves not lust, but finds its joy in giving:
Pleasure, yes, but passion slowly fades.
Affection, yes, but one needs more from living:
The knife-sharp edge of lust that love betrays.
Give then, my love, the flesh that spurs the dream,
As I for you, that lust might love redeem.
Nicholas Gordon
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i love you
Name: jack gray2005-12-01
people i love
Name: Guy2012-02-22
Hi there , I am manikg a new forum and I think your articles would fit the context good. Would you care if I copy this article?
damayantigaaru mee k
Name: Hud2014-05-22
damayantigaaru mee katha chaalaa baaungdi .kathaanaayakuDi kalalaagea mamalni kooDaa vennelalO viharimpacheastoo oka oohaa lOkamlOki teesuku pOindi mee katha.konni kalalu ennO saarlu repeat autunTaayi .daanitO aa kalalOni jeevitamea nijamaa leka jeevitamea kalaa ani viSleashinchaTam asaadhyamanipistunTundi alaagaea hero jeevitam kalalaagea karigipOvatam baadhaakaramgaa anipinchindi .
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