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Our Love Has Slowly Gone Downhill

Our love has slowly gone downhill,
Heavy with unwanted needs,
The dregs of days spent dutiful
While hunger goes to sleep unfed.

We love each other still, of course,
But love is windless, changeless, still,
Waiting for the potent word
That comes from angels in the heart.

Oh, say it, Love, and I will, too!
And time will wait for us to dance,
Touched by one another's grace
To give what we so long have sought.

There is a passion undismayed
That lives throughout the long, gray days
Of work and worry, knowing that
The sun still shines upon this earth.
Nicholas Gordon
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Reader Comments
Name: Estee2006-01-22
It sounds so much like what im experiencing now... but yet im holdin onto something i think i dnt see a future in... and there's no reason for me to do so... i just love him so much yet i am very silently broken... yet im still here and have always been here for him... even when he hurt me badly...still,as always... why am i still here? but i ca see ur point... its hard aint it? its like waiting n wiaitng for a miracle... sigh...
I love her but does she still love me
Name: Ryan2006-12-03
The title really explains what i am going through now... i know this girl, and we are very very good friends. but one night i instantly thought we were ment to be together. we did everything and we connected perfectly.. but now, i feel like shes fading further away from me, and going on with others... i feel like its too late to even stand a chance to be with her anymore. we are still good friends, but i just dont know if she still likes me as i do for her. shes just not being like before when we both were so connected
Name: Manoli2012-02-22
Michele, hi sorry you got stuck in aiskmet for a little while. Maybe it can't cope with all those smiles! It was written from the heart. I sat crying over the poem when I re-read it the other night, which is why I knew I had to share it with you here
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