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No Place to Put My Paramour

No place to put my paramour,
No sea to sail unknown,
Nowhere to bear my love away
That we might be alone.

No life but wife and children who
Must be with me till death.
No passion new nor passion true
That breathes with every breath.

No love but love invincible
That ties me to myself,
For I am why I cannot be
A sly, deceiving elf.

For I am why I cannot be
A person who risks pain,
And so I weep because I keep
My dreams alive in vain.
Nicholas Gordon
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Reader Comments
Name: Becca2006-04-27
This is vry sad and a gud poem
Written with
Name: Kelly2010-06-27
such well-conveyed emotion, I felt it at my heart.
Name: Misael2013-02-20
Are all of the pieces on this site yours? I know you ask for sssuibmions, but if a few of your pieces are up on this site, I'd be happy to comment.It is difficult to hear that your pieces aren't ready for publication. I worked for years to get my pieces publishable. It's usually a long road, but you'l get there. Sometimes people are wrong about your publishibility, but sometimes it's wise to listen to that critique and reevaluate your work. I find it helpful to read the genre I write, which is poetry. See what others are doing and see what you like. Try and figure out why you like it and incorporate it into your work.
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