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My Husband Cheats. I Look the Other Way

My husband cheats. I look the other way.
For the children, of course. I myself am worthless,
Stupid. Humiliation suits me. Each day
I steel myself for words each day more vicious.
But you are like a rainbow in my sky.
I look at you and know life can be good.
You call me gorgeous, I don't wonder why.
And happiness shines through me, as it should.
You, too, bear a cross: Your friend has cancer,
And you will not desert her. I agree.
Our love must be a question, not an answer,
A distant light on hills we cannot see.
Perhaps we are both fools to sacrifice,
Yet in such love is where true beauty lies.
Nicholas Gordon
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Reader Comments
speachless.....or not
Name: untamed2005-04-01
Words cannot describe what im feeling.I pitty this person for keeping quiet and yet i admire her for being strong.Men can be so hurtful and weman so spineless.Hang in there because everybody gets there just deserved.
Girl you can do better
Name: Princess2005-10-12
Yes you can do better and it is out there for you. You making everyone else happy but yourself.It's just not fair to leave all that inside. Leave him because he don't deserve you.And he will just keep on doing it untill you do something about it,or tell him about it.
leave him
Name: moon2006-01-25
Dont let that guy keep hurting you find someone who loves you the way you deserve to be loved!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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