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Last Night, Today, Tonight I've Thought of You

Last night, today, tonight I've thought of you,
Your fear of loving me, your fear of pain,
My own reluctance soon to love again,
And why we often flee what we pursue.
I've thought: if we could make time disappear,
Prune past and future, make the moment flower,
Lobotomize all save this single hour,
Then we could love with neither hope nor fear.
But when we pause to watch the moment flow,
Beneath we see eternity and space,
So thin a moving film is time and place,
Removing us, and all we love and know.
I cannot but anticipate the end:
Desire a lover, yet fear to lose a friend.
Nicholas Gordon
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Reader Comments
Name: um..2005-06-19
ya u need to wok on your poems a little i couldnt understand the poem but thats becuase u write deeper thoughts then i ur poem is probably very good i just cant see it good work
Rock on
Name: Rock on2005-11-28
to love and lose is better than to never have loved at all...or is it
this is awsome
Name: john smith2006-08-19
i love the way you people write this stuff keep it comin
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