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Jeremy is all I ever wanted.
Even when my life is going wrong,
Recalling his sweet face brings back my smile,
Escalating all my thoughts to song.
More than I ever dreamed, my heart is haunted,
Yearning for what I have all the while.
Nicholas Gordon
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thats really good
Name: tahlz2005-10-31
omg that poem is so good! theres this guy jeremy that i really like to but he doesnt like me! if u dont mind im gonna use that poem! u realy good poet! dw bout wat this people say there all ######
Name: moon2006-01-25
I love a Jeremy Luke Barker.But hes gone.I want him back!
fresh azimis
Name: Jeremy2006-04-19
My name is Jeremy Sprinkle and I like it.
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