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I Love Them Both, Can't Have Them Both

I love them both, can't have them both.
It's tearing me apart!
My former joy and present boy:
Both have got my heart.

I have to choose, so I must lose
Someone I really love.
It feels like dirt that I must hurt
A guy that I dream of.

Why this must be I cannot see;
I only know I must.
Each might endure, for I am sure
That this is love, not lust.

I weep and wail to no avail;
I can't say no to either.
But if I can't tell what I want,
Could that mean I want neither?
Nicholas Gordon
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Reader Comments
luv it
Name: kitty2004-07-23
i like the poem cuz im going threw the same thing and it is killing me inside
Name: Christian2005-01-25
Wow , i'm going through the exact same thing see what happened was that i was dating my best friends cousin . but he never called and i didn't know why , so i thought we didn't date anymore . about a month and a half ago , i went to church with my b/f , and , she introduced me to her boyfriends brother ! And , we hot together . Well , the next day , her cousin called me , he still thought we dated !!!! now i'm stuck with this problem cause/ I love both of them . ( HELP ) .
Name: untamed2005-04-01
most poems suck and are badly written, but i can see the truth in this one.I would just like to thank you for helping me decide what to do when lost in love.
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