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How Can I Have a Fight with My Best Friend

How can I have a fight with my best friend?
The mountain blows, the landscape is destroyed.
A desert where there once were fields and gardens.
Black lava where flowers once brought joy.

And then shoots of grass come through the blackness;
Slowly love asserts itself again.
He calls, I cry, we go through days of whispers,
And fields once more grow lush in sun and rain.

Ah! but now I'm fearful of the mountain:
I walk by trembling, set for it to blow.
Life's beautiful, but also very painful;
I have the strength to love, now that I know.
Nicholas Gordon
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Reader Comments
Name: Emo dude2006-11-27
Dude ok i get the title but wutz it got 2 do with what you wrote?man Itz likd a mystery.......a big puzzle or somthin.
Name: bdanjr2007-03-13
did u fight or not? the picture i get is u scared of the scenery!
Wow i get it
Name: Jordan2007-08-07
u use to be good friends and u like him.. he started to strey becuase he loved you but was scared.. u got mad and u guys barly talked... he then cries out for you.. he wants you back but your love is lost with him now... things wil never be the same and u don't know where u wnet wrong.. or something like that.. i get it just wnet tru it...
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