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Love Is like a Large White Cat

Love is like a large white cat
Sitting on its paws.
You may pet it all you like;
It lives by its own laws.

It comes and goes as it decides
No matter what you say.
It seems the more you want it near,
The more it goes away.

And then when you are quite content
To sit out in the sun
Alone with just your thoughts and dreams,
Not needing anyone,

In it comes, as if in fear
That somehow you'll forget,
And jumps up purring in your lap,
Demanding to be pet.
Nicholas GordNicholas Gordonon
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Reader Comments
Thatz cool
Name: Anonymous2006-09-08
I never thought of love that way,but that was clever.
Name: Michele2011-02-10
I've been sitting here reading alot of his poems and they are all beautiful
this is so true
Name: Ania2008-06-06
you use a very right metaphore. I love your poem.
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