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Jewels Are Cut from More than Precious Stone

Jewels are cut from more than precious stone.
A life, too, is cut to catch the light.
No beauty is refracted when a lone,
Isolated stranger rides the night.
Can you be jewels to each other's sun?
Each needs a light to shine upon the heart,
Awakening the loveliness that one
Never could reveal if still apart.
Do, then, both shine and give refraction,
So you may be both source of light and jewel.
Have each the strength to translate into action
A love that is both sparkling fire and fuel.
When two are one the sun and jewel can play:
Now each heart will the other's light display.
Nicholas Gordon
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Reader Comments
Like my crush...
Name: Platinum Dragoon2005-07-01
Tis is the sort of poem i need to learn how to write to ask out my crush... her name is related to the theme of this poem
Name: Siman2012-12-08
Hello This item was purchased on bhlaef of a guest visiting family and their reaction to the re-invention of the backyard. They wanted to get stepping stones so I screen shot the page in Amazon and they chose this and another. I would not think by looking at it though that it would be prudent to actually use' it as a real' stepping stone. The couple who were presented with it loved it and it is hanging on a old fence in the yard surrounded by crawling ivy and frankly looks like it was made for the location. It provides a little razzle dazzle and surprise.
We went to Sandals i
Name: Sewana2016-07-22
We went to Sandals in Antigua for our honeymoon and we co;nld&#39ut have picked a better place. They treated us great and it was fun seeing so many other people on their honeymoons too. I have nothing but good things to say about Sandals and we are hoping to go back for our one-year anniversary. Great choice, you and Kenny will have a blast!
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