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I Didn't Know He Had His Way

I didn't know he had his way.
I only knew he stopped for tea
And found within a fair young maid
Whom later he would marry.

I didn't know-perhaps I should.
All I knew was what was said:
That at first sight they fell in love
For half a century.

I didn't know that time would prove
A sea in which events would move
Like dreams slow-motion with the tide,
Drowned in morning's mercy.

But nearing death her undead need
Broke open like a sun-kissed seed,
And then I knew what choice she had
Endured for love of me.
Nicholas Gordon
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Reader Comments
Name: Maysam2013-02-21
These are beautiful, and a plsanaet color palette change. Good shot on the starling in flight. Were those little yellow things mushrooms? I liked that one, too, very unusual. What makes me come alive my alarm clock? And my grandkids.
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