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Hope Is a Breeze Across an Open Field

Hope is a breeze across an open field.
Anger comes from pounding on a door,
Positive one wants the door to yield.
Perhaps from this one senses something more.
Yearning is a song to wake the dead.
Very few can yearn for what is theirs.
Although love waits half-naked on the bed,
Life can seem a maze of doors and stairs.
Each soul pursues the prey of its desire,
Not knowing that to have must mean to kill.
There is no deed that documents love's fire;
In lovers' hearts, one comes and goes at will.
Need is a wind that strips the landscape bare;
Eventually one turns, and love is there.
Nicholas Gordon
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Name: Suliman2013-02-20
you know, this applies to phroegraphots too. i used to agree with you. i used to think, hey, if i bust my ass and work for free, even if i only get name credit, eventually someone will notice. and sure, they notice. in addition to noticing the quality of your work, they notice that you don't seem to want to be compensated for providing quality work. then they start in with the expectations. in my case, several different monetized blogs with huge readerships wanted my work. they wanted hours of my life, both shooting and editing, and overnight turnover, all for no compensation. at this point, name credit is worthless to me. i've stopped shooting for all those big blogs. i give my work to one or two smaller publications. i wait for the paying gigs to come to me. and you know what? they do. maybe not enough for me to play full-time photographer to the stars just yet, but it will come. i just don't want you giving away your work forever. you're far better than that.
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