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Heaven Isn't Known for Being Easy

Heaven isn't known for being easy.
Although the door is open, few desire
Peace and inner glory, ecstasy,
Purchased through the sacrifice of power.
Yet there are those who find their way through love.

After all attempts at ecstasy--
Nocturnal, furtive, loyal, desperate, easy--
No hunger is diminished, nor is love
Inviolate in the sunburst of desire.
Venery's delight derives from power
Etched into the grinning face of love.
Rarer is unbidden ecstasy,
Simple as delight free of desire,
A nakedness that masquerades as easy,
Removed from the necessities of power.
Yet there are those who find their way through love.
Nicholas Gordon
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Reader Comments
Name: Amanda2005-08-04
ur poem needs more work
SORRY,its not all good
soorie to hurt ur feelings
Name: pooja2006-05-29
depth in da poem which is fab.
Name: Mukesh2012-12-08
i was looking for a word to sum up my fleeings about your photography. Amazing rich professional all good, but they didn't sum it up for me.Then it struck me JEALOUS! I love your shots. Very inspiring and cool. I really want to do more with photography and a good camera. I'll dial that in at some point.Thanks for sharing!
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