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Each Truth Is Just a Scrim Across the Darkness

Each truth is just a scrim across the darkness.
We cannot see what most we'd like to know.
We drive among sheer cliffs in pale moonlight
Unsure of where we are or where to go.

When we allow our heads to make our choices,
We lose because of what we cannot see.
When we give way and let desire take us,
We lose because we want what cannot be.

We inch along the dream-lit rocky ridges
Knowing always, always we must lose.
The end for all is darkness everlasting,
And so it matters less which road we choose.

What matters is the beauty of sheer being;
The gifts we have and those we will become;
The ecstasy of loving so completely
That we ourselves are more than minds can plumb.

Love well and know that love must end in pain.
Be a fool and pay the unmarked price.
Be generous of self, and passion gain:
One who never loses, loses twice.
Nicholas Gordon
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Reader Comments
Name: valla2006-12-21
Liebe ist das einzige Märchen das nicht mit es war einmal anfängt sondern mit Endet
Name: Misx2013-02-20
Good Afternoon John,Enjoyed viewing your YouTube vioeds very helpful, I would also like information on the diamond pattern pleats (video or tutorial) would be greatly appreciated.What material would you recommend for welting between fenders and main body?Do you plan on any vioeds pertaining to headliners?Thanks,Paul
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