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A Girlfriend's Neither Gotten nor Forgotten

A girlfriend's neither gotten nor forgotten.
She's never just a friend who is a girl.
She doesn't wear a nameplate or a flower.
You never can be certain that she's there.

You're going to have to jump right off a building
And probably break your ego and your neck.
Nine times out of ten you'll wish you'd vanished,
But one time out of ten--why, there she'll be!

A girlfriend isn't something you acquire.
A girlfriend is a person, not a thing.
And if you leap and land next to the right one,
She'll burn her image right into your heart.
Nicholas Gordon
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Reader Comments
the poem i like
Name: anuhea2004-09-30
i like this poem alot cause it brings out the different love signs we all have in life
Name: farhan ahmed2004-10-22
this poem is really very nice.. u can add or make some gud changes in it.,.. just try
i like it
Name: taylor2005-07-31
i like alot cos i am havein a bit of trouble @ da moment and dat has reminded me of sumin @ me and me boyfriend done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
but well done i think it iz really gd
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