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Just Wanted You to Know: I Love You

Just wanted you to know: I love you.
Months have passed since we became close friends.
Every day I find I'm thinking of you,
Though no word from you that message sends.
And yet we share all other thoughts and feelings:
I cannot wait to tell you of my day,
And you give me the gist of all your dealings,
Which makes me hope we walk in the same way.
Telling you this is opening a door
That never can be closed again, and yet
I must, because I ache for something more,
Something that I must risk all to get.
Some night, perhaps, we'll go hang out somewhere;
I will reach for you, and you'll be there.
Nicholas Gordon
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Reader Comments
I am about to cry
Name: Platinum Dragoon2005-07-16
There! I cried. Just because i'm big and tall, dosen't mean that I can't cry... I can't stand being away from my crush, my heart about to shatter... and I still have to wait 3 days before I can see her again... and I want to ask her out... gulp... my first date... I wonder if she loves me back...
i love it
Name: austin2005-08-21
plantinum, (if thats really ur name) I know how ya feel! being away from some1 like that really sucks. Although im in a different boat sorta, cuz i have a gf, i know the pain of waiting to ask, wondering what she'll say, and if its a no, wanting to give up on love. I also know the agony of having a some1 i really love be away on vacation, out of town. Its like depression kicks in, and you want them to have fun, but i cant be with her. This poem, its beautiful. It describes how i feel about my love. im only a teenager, and i met "the one". How great is that? We both are madly in love, and i just know we can make it work. I mean, there's no huurry cuz weve still got a few years till college. Im checking this letter i just wrote, back in 4 years, and seeing if life worked out the way i had planned and wanted it to! Man, this girl is amazing. Shes gorgeous, funny, cute, blonde, has the best smile on the planet, smart, caring, loving, loyal, and most of all, a true friend forever! Love ya! U kno who u are!
tooo beautiful
Name: sugar luv2006-04-24
i absolutly loved the poem. it really touched me. i havent seen my bf 4 3weeks.... theres so much i reaalllli have to say to him esp after reading your poem. keep up the gr8 work.. i realli hope to read more of your poems soon.
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