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Name: laquasia2004-08-17
This touched me alot, you're a professional!
Name: jessica2004-10-18
this is the best poem in the world. Your poem inspired me to go tell this guy that I like him. You are an amazing poet and I love the words you put in the poem. It touch me inside and out. well just inside
Heart touching
Name: Amit2004-10-20
This is very heart touching poem. Very good to say how much u care. pls come to chat with me if possible at
Only from an angel
Name: Geordan Briscoe2004-11-28
This was so touching, everything fit in its place. Whoever wrote this poem must have really been in love.
Name: bianca2004-12-31
how do u write poems like that.teach me.have a great 2005
Beautiful Love
Name: Lucy2005-02-07
It is really good, and it touched my heart
Heart warming
Name: SoulEd Out2005-03-12
Name: daPLAYA2005-03-17
This is so touching man.. you muz hav been wif ur dream girl..
Name: Morgan2005-04-22
I loved the words you used.. I have the same thing going on in my life, so it made me feel alot better..
Your words are heart warming and touched me.
Name: bbo2005-04-29
this is the sweetiest love poem ever cause i am going through it right now
Name: Denise2005-05-01
i think that those words really say what im feeling
love it
Name: Erika2005-05-25
I love this poem. It is very moving.
Name: Raquel2011-05-19
dear Laquasia,
are you black?
sincerely Raquel.
p.s. this poem was amazing!
Name: Ali2005-06-02
wat can i say......just suparb
Name: james2005-06-15
nice poem its very good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: a girl how is lost2005-06-18
o my gosh it was sooooooooooooo awsome i loved it good job
omg great
Name: krazy2005-06-23
i thought this was amazing u are a true poet a great and deep poet ! i luvv it!
heart stopping
Name: candi2005-08-24
i love this poem when i read it it made my heart stop i would love to have someone write a poem like this to me
Name: samatha2005-10-18
that poem is beautiful
Very Beautiful
Name: April2005-10-23
That is a very beautiful poem! Keep it up!!
Name: chinh2005-10-23
when i read this poem i think of the boy im falling for.
Breath taking
Name: Anna DAndrea2005-10-26
Such a breathless poem. Fidellity. Unspoken love so tenderly spoken. is my email address. You can teach me some pointers on writing poems as that is one of my favorite hobbies.
Name: philippa2005-11-24
this poem has touched my heart so much this poem jus makes u wanna think about life an how gud it feels wen u relly luv someone this poem brings a tear drop to my eye and a smile to my hear!
Name: Justin2005-12-18
It was lovly. I love reading these.
Name: maris2006-02-15
U express ur self well in words!! Keep it up iluv it!
Name: daniel2006-03-03
This is a wonderful poem. It made think how my life without my girlfriend would be so empty. Man keep writing thats the way you can get youre feeling out thats the best way
Name: Jessica2006-03-11
This is a great poem keep up the good work
Name: Sarah2006-06-09
This is great holla at me....6015088128
wonderful U R ....................
Name: ataklti gebrezgi2006-08-16
IT is a very wonderful poem.And i can say U R my mind reader,i have already gave this poem to my best girl.B/c U have explained all my feeling in a best way.So sir.if U don't mind,please share me your best works on

Heart touching
Name: Faith2006-11-19
This is a beutiful poem short and meaningfull it has the words that one can ever say to someone they want to love.
Heart Touching
Name: faith2006-11-19
This is a very good poem short and very meaningful it has all the words one would ever tell someone they want to love.
i love it
Name: gaby2006-12-05
i love this poem it makes me cry!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: kya2006-12-17
this poem made me think of the man i am in love with now you have decribed him in everyway i read this to him and he start to cry and this poem told him how i fell about him!!!! Very well done
Name: Meagan2007-02-19
that was so romantic thats how i feel around the guy i like so much but he doesnt know that and i keep telling him i love him but he just doesnt understand that.
Name: chris2007-03-31
Name: LaQasia2007-04-05
awww your poem is so romantic!!!
Wow that was tight
Name: angel2007-04-15
that poem spoke from the heart and I can relate to it from a girls perspective. I feel the same way about a special someone who I'm currently dating. keep writing great poems.
Name: Tessa2007-04-16
This is one of the best poems. ever! i love it! uyou are really heart touching. and seems like it is exacly what i am going through!!!!!! your AWESOME!
same feeling
Name: omoye2007-05-24
thats exactly how i feel bout my husband lamont i love him so much n those feelings play a pretty good role in both our lives also
heart touching
Name: lonley2007-05-24
that poem really met alot to me it made me cry at school
heart touching
Name: kersha2007-06-05
this poem iz gd i like it.. well done you are a gd poem writer... :)
Name: kersha2007-06-05
gd poem who ever put this...if you wana talk lol add me plz
thank you
Name: cherish lewis2007-11-16
i love this poem is tell the way i feel but in much much better words lol thanks
Name: mayra2007-12-07
this poem just touchs my heart.....It reminds me of my boyfrind....Dillon..
love it
Name: jessie2007-12-13
hey i love ur poem its bril and it has helped me a lot thanks xxx
Name: tiffany2007-12-19
that was a beautiful poem thank you
love you
Name: daisy cruz2011-03-18
this is exactly how i am feel with a very special boy...... i love him!!!! <3
Name: jessica2011-03-30
this iz so tuching and it describes how i feel right now
thank you
Name: Parker2010-05-19
thank you so vary much, this helped me explain my feeling to my girlfriend.
i love this peom
Name: anna karen2010-05-27
this poem is exactly what im feeling for some one right now it put my thoughts out there and if i become brave enough to tell him this i will be the happiest person on this planet i love him but i've known him for so little time he loves my daughter and i feel he we makes us both happy.... i plan on printing this out and giving it to him and i know your poem will help me out with this little problem of mine.

Name: angel2010-09-14
omg youre poem is well thought out after i read it i got up and told the boy who is now my boyfriend how i felt and weve been together for a long time now thankss to u were happy
Nice one
Name: khalid2010-09-24
very professional and touching
Name: kerstin smith2010-11-09
It touched me in my heart it realy did
Name: Krishna2009-05-27
it's written very nice. keep it up.
Name: Lisi2009-06-19
gurl you should be lyke a pro at this stuff man daymn reminds me of sumfin i did today ahye damn gurl keep going!!!
Name: Prateek Gangopadhyay2009-06-20
the poem of urs makes me say onlu 1 thing,"HATS OFF TO YOU".marvelllous.sweeeetest poem ever i saw

i also want to say sumthng about my view of love

here it starts

pain of hell is better than pain of love

but smyl in love is precious than everything

is there any goood pillow than lover's lap?
is there anything sweeter than lover's love?
is there anything so cute as ur love???

sumthings has no alternatives

preserve them 4ever
Name: Kiwi2009-07-30
Lol i had 2 write poems for my class lol u could do it lol cuz the poems i write cant b seen in public but yea this was the shit I LOVED IT
Name: ellie2009-09-04
that poem is so nicee i love it so much :)
Name: jakeil jeter2009-10-07
Ive been going with this girl for 5 weeks now and im falling in love....this poem is the best and ima use this to tell her im fallin in love....good lookin out wit this for real....!!!!!
Name: trenton creech2009-10-10
dude please let me use this in a song...its pretty freaking great, and something i can relate to..e mail me at:
Name: carrey2008-07-11
I really love the poem, first time I read it, it really touched my heart, it just simply describes how I feel for someone.... : )
Hope I can tell that someone how I feel for him...

More power and God BLess!
Name: erica2008-07-15
my hart was pounding wen i read this poem
very Very Very Beautiful
Name: Jacqueline2008-08-09
heart tuching..amazing..just amazing..i have no words to explain how amazing this is..WOW!
falling in love
Name: sarah2008-11-29
this is the best peom i ever heard....when i'm reading this poem i feel like i'm talking to him where we meet the frist time....luv yah ur peom sweety keep it up
Name: Chrissy2009-02-13
Name: tea tea2009-02-19
mahn dat was Dope! i mean Real Sweet!!
Name: Justin2009-02-21
you write poetry with such grace and integrity sorry i cant spell today to many drinks already but anyways i am a poet myself and this work of yours should be in a book i mean it where we all began in a book reading words and trying to figure out life.... anyways your poetry is good on love ! but i wanna see how well your dark side is.... for that is the poetry i write about... anyways peace out dood
Name: Tabisa2009-03-04
The poem said it all- thank ya for such inspirational words
Name: bigohlove2009-04-13
can anyone write an explication over this poem?
Heart Warming
Name: Kaitlyn2009-04-13
this is a very beautiful poem. it touched me and has reminded me of my first love Randy. i mis him terribly but every time i was around him this is exactly how i felt. it's very heart warming and i will never forget this poem or my first love. thank you for inspiring me so. Muchas Gracias
Name: nina turco - connors2008-01-09
This poem reminds me of myself. I have a boyfriend who I thought I didn't love but them I realized that I was making a terrible mistake and to just think it over. I love him to death now and this poem explains just how much!!!! thank you very much Nicholas Gordon. Thank you!
Name: jered2008-06-05
i thought you trie to hard on this one... could be a lot better dont think your that good!
Name: kair2008-02-08
that is a great poem. plz chat with me at
my life
Name: bright ambition2008-03-09
this piece speaks 2 me,it is true in every sense
very moving
Name: chris2008-03-21
loved your poem, well done
Name: jenny2008-04-09
this is the most touching poem in the world and i like a boy that has describe the same thing!!!!!!
Name: Ange2008-04-14
This poem is soooooooooooooooo sweet i luved it!!
plz if u get a chance e-mail me at school Angelique Williams <>

Name: Beckie2008-04-17
This is a very amazing poem!
Its really creppy because I believe I wrote one exactly like this! I mean with the same words and everything. But wow.. Its amazing!
Beautiful and Heart Touching
Name: Evelyn2008-04-27
Your poem is very sweet ! What inspired you to make this poem first of all ?This poem could be the best poem in the whole wide world ! You are an amazing poet . I hope you keep writing poetry .Its very good to tell how you feel about this person . I hope this person liked your poem . This poem touched me alot !
Name: Ashley2008-05-14
This is a really good poem. This is atouching poem and it
Name: Ashleyy2011-06-30
hey i just wanted to tell yu dat diz is an amazin poem. Thumbs up to yu bro... It touched my heart and i cant wait to read diz to my "boyfriend".... Luv ya keep up the good poems!!! :p
Name: Christina2011-08-23
This poem is so amazing nd touching. Took the fear off me and made me tell the guy how much i like him. Kudos...
thank you
Name: aubrey2011-09-20
thank you. you help me have the strength to tell the one i love that i love him. i did this one week ag and we have iss thanks you for helping me.
Name: Elana2012-03-05
this was very heart touchin poem...
Carry away
Name: Samisaiah2012-03-10
This poem carry my heart away 2 meet love and learn how 2 tost lady.Give more.
Name: brooke2012-04-10
i love this it describes my relationship lol forreal
Name: jazmine2011-10-25
it waz a very toching poem.
Name: Kitsune2011-11-20
i like it. These are words marching off the tongue of a fellow poet. for some reason, whatever category i look at, whatever poem title i deem interesting, it always ends up being yours. That must mean something huh? =}
nice poem
Name: fatoumata2011-12-06
thia a very lovley poeam i realyy like it and i hope others would to
warms my heart.
Name: stephanie2012-06-03
your chose of words are wonderful. this is really an amazing poem. so amazing i had to share it with my boyfriend.
I truste u
Name: Isaac Nyame Nipa2012-06-08
the hope of luv is believe nd truefull
heart warming
Name: annie2012-08-19
i really like it, no love it!!!
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