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You Are Everything I Ever Wanted

You are everything I ever wanted.
On you my future happiness depends.
Unless I'm with you all my thoughts are haunted.
After seeing you, my unease ends.
Reason warns me that I am in danger:
Eventually, everything must fade.
My love, like yours, is flammable in anger.
Yet my trust is such, I'm not afraid.
Something in our love's more than emotion,
Underneath each thought and each desire;
Not even all the water in the ocean
Seems up to putting out this one small fire.
How could this be? Within our love is something
Immeasurable, infinite, and good.
Nothing in all life can match this one thing
Each other passion would be, if it could.
Nicholas Gordon
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Reader Comments
its great
Name: sara2006-07-27
this poem is wat ive been lookin for for agers coz theres this guy like but i cant get so yeah thanx heaps luv sara xxx
Name: laura anne2009-04-22
i think you put alot of thought into this.good work.
Name: Robert2012-02-21
I?d need to look at with you right here. That's not sintehomg I typically do! I consider enjoyment in studying a publish that will make individuals believe. Furthermore, many thanks for permitting me to comment!
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