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It's as if We Were Riding in a Sealed Railroad Car

It's as if we were riding in a sealed railroad car.
Life passes by unseen.
Then someone throws open the door.
In the fierce sunlight we sense joy
But cannot clearly see.
How beautiful! we murmur, weeping,
Our tears like music.
Why haven't we known this all along?
In an open field we dance
Under sun and moon and stars all together.
You press my hand. You say:
I can't believe it!
I can't believe life has always been so lovely!
I tell you, my darling,
I tell you now, yes!
Yes, it is, my darling,
Yes. It is.
Nicholas Gordon
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Reader Comments
Name: Charlottie2013-02-20
antagonis is right. antagonis is right. You also are a poor exucse for a human being; if that is what you are called. Get off the internet fool! Also, you can count on the fact that I won't be reading your response to this, if you happen to make one. I guarantee that!! So you might as well not bother. We got the last word in.
Name: Angel2013-02-20
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