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I Want to Make You Smile as You Make Me

I want to make you smile as you make me.
I wish you saw my thoughts right through my eyes.
You ask me what I'm thinking. I can't tell you.
You are the stars, and I the empty skies.

In me there is a yearning ever flowing
That needs to reach an end that never comes.
I cannot be myself without you with me.
This is a truth no wisdom ever plumbs.

You laugh, and say that I'm your personal angel,
And this is what I want so much to be.
The beauty of my life is like a passion
That blows right through the person that you see.
Nicholas Gordon
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Reader Comments
Name: gosia2005-05-05
im al,ost falling asleep, have a great day and sleep this night
ok ok
Name: krazy2005-06-23
it was good !
ur poem reminds me of my ex-boyfriend
Name: angel2005-06-25
i loved your poem it almost made me cry im sad that my boy friend broke up with me for my ex-best friend i cant belive he lied to me and said he luved when he was already seening another gurl i would love to be with him now but that will never come ture i just wanted to let u know ur poem inspiers me and touched the bottom my heart i think u would make a could poem witter
from angel.b
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