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I Used to Doubt You Cared for Me

I used to doubt you cared for me
When love was bright and blue.
We ran like puppies through a field,
But this I never knew.

We both said we were friends for life,
Not knowing what it meant,
Not knowing how to go through hell
And not somehow repent;

Not knowing love was something hard,
Like stone against the wind,
And life itself might be a prize
The heart would leave behind.

But now I know the depth of love,
And it was worth the pain,
Though not for love nor life would I
Go through that hell again!
Nicholas Gordon
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Reader Comments
it was good
Name: krazy2005-06-23
that was ok work a little harder it came out good though goo work!keep it up
Name: laydee stush2005-07-23
dis fing got flow
dis poem keepin it real
luv ya baby 4 doin dis poem u safe gurl
Name: LaQasia2007-04-05
i liked it a lot!!!
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