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I'm Not Your Parent, nor Are You My Slave

I'm not your parent, nor are you my slave.
I wouldn't try to say what you must do.
You alone will judge how you behave,
And do what you consider best for you.
But if you love someone, it means you care
How what you do affects the one you love.
It means sometimes that two in love must share
A hard decision one is certain of.
So if your friend still wants you for his* own,
It hurts me that you want him* for a friend.
Our mutual commitment should be known,
And both of us should such encroachments end.
Love is fragile, delicate, and fine;
To keep it whole, one has to draw a line.
Nicholas Gordon
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Reader Comments
Name: Sifiso2004-10-07
It sound like you have given up on someone and tries to let that person choose or change, but it is a good poem.
quite good
Name: Louis2005-01-02
Nicholas u have written loads of poems and ur obviously very talented at wrighting them but now i think ur thinking of any old title now and just rushing ur poems a bit but its very good if u keep to poetry you will have great future wrighting poems
thats deep
Name: pam2005-04-05
that's deep sounds like you went through something like that.your still one of the best.
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