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I Know You Now So Many Ways

I know you now so many ways,
And yet I don't know you at all,
Will never know you,
For you are a mystery impenetrable
Even by joy.

Love, like a wave, joins sea and sand,
But then must roll back into itself,
Singing in its lusty longing,
Ever resurrected.

Yet beyond love is love,
Which neither lives nor dies
But simply is.
Which now we share in a burst of inner glory.
Which we become through will and time.
Nicholas Gordon
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Good Job
Name: Ashley2006-12-10
I think that this is a very good poem,you are a very good writer and continue to do good in your work~!!!

Jamie kori
Name: Jamie kori2011-01-05
Jamie kori
I Love you
Jamie kori
home yes
Jamie kori
car hands kiss
Sex bad yes
good job
Name: liamama2008-11-12
I enjoyed reading this poem and it was inspiring so keep up the great work...
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