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For You the Earth Must Be a Greener Green

For you the Earth must be a greener green;
Orange buds must burst with greater glory;
Rivers must be pure, light full of grace,
Time unfold a more enchanting story;
Years must shape a spirit more serene.

To you the birds must sing with more delight;
Hyacinths must pour forth sweeter scent;
Rain must wear more gently, storms retrace
Each devastated path, and harm repent,
Each turbulence turn calm, and sorrow right.
Nicholas Gordon
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Reader Comments
Name: g-an2006-10-21
i luv ur poems they r soooo touching keep up da gr8 work!
Name: Gri2012-07-15
Switch to a 100% renewable enrgey supplier all the benefit of solar panels without the expense all the obvious ones use enrgey bulbs, only boil the amount of water you need, turn of lights when not in use, never leave electronics on standby, turn heating thermostats down a couple of degrees, wash at 30 instead of 40, fit a water saving device to you toilet (commonly know as a brick!!) to reduce water used for flushing, recycle and compost, use biodegradable rubbish sacks when you do throw anything out, reuse carrier bags or switch to fabric ones.Also switch some of your household products for natural or green alternatives.If at all possible use your car less walk, cycle car share etc. Where not possible offset your carbon emissions by using a green car insurance company these companies calculate your carbon emissions based on your annual mileage car size etc and then offset this with woodland projects.
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