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Before You, I Was Just Hanging Out

Before you, I was just hanging out.
My days were all hubbub, no beauty.
Boredom seemed what life was all about.
Excitement meant going to a movie.
Then I fell in love with you; my mall
Opened to a sudden rush of sky;
Trees turned into happiness; and all
The things I had forgotten made me cry.
The loves that fasten one to life grew strong:
You, the thought of seeing you, your touch,
My love for those I'd loved my whole life long,
Knowing, but not feeling it too much.
You brought my life to life, my love to flower;
Now love me well, and through me taste your power.
Nicholas Gordon
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cool cool
Name: ash2004-09-11
thats was a good as poem. keep up the good work with ya poem writing
go u
Name: jade2004-10-31
go u i thing it good
its great
Name: carol2005-01-02
its a very good peom and its what u call talent
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